Download pdf manual dt-1130 electromagnetic radiation detector

Download pdf manual dt-1130 electromagnetic radiation detector

download pdf manual dt-1130 electromagnetic radiation detector

There are two types of safety instructions throughout this manual: warnings and notes. ensure personnel safety in all circumstances, and to reduce electromagnetic emission df/dt: 17 % / s. Relative humidity (at +5 +40°C): 5 95 %, no condensation Detection of circulating currents in the transformer e.g. in multitap. KM5S-LCD Bicycle Accessories pdf manual download. METERK MK54 LCD EMF Detector Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Tester Z1D6 - £ LCD Display elektromagnetische Radiation Detector Dosimeter Tester dt bei eBay. Binector input, i.e. parameter selects the source of a binary signal When download has been finished PC tool resets parameter P to zero. If % utilization is exceeded, alarm F (inverter I2t) is tripped. Rated flux = rated EMF The rounding of P - P also applies to the JOG ramping.

Download pdf manual dt-1130 electromagnetic radiation detector - opinion you

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DT Portable Digital Electromagnetic RadiationDetector Dosimeter Meter

DT Features: Excellent design for a measurement of electromagnetic field radiation levels around power lines, home appliances and industrial widely in electrical equipment, electromagnetic radiation measurement, phones, computers, TV set copy machine, fax machine, AC, refrigerator and so totalfon.netle for most measuring effects of radiation products, presentations, and personal understanding of radiation. Designed to meet CE. Simple operation, highly sensitive, and 50HzMHz frequency totalfon.nette and safety to use. Portable and stable.

Specifications: Material: Plastic Color: Black Screen: LCD Frequency Range: 50HzMHz Reacting Time: S Voltage: 9V Battery Model: 6F22 9V(Battery is NOT included) Size: MMx69MMx29MM/ x xInch Weight: G

Package includes: 1 x Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

How to detect: Switch on the to the object slowly until contact it. The closer the distance is, the stronger power of electromagnetic radiation is. Remind: Do not close to the object with high the angle during detecting until get the maximum the object is power off, the reading will be restored to 0 unless there are other electromagnetic radiation disturbings.

DT Specification Size: mm X 69mm X 29mm Dimension: cm x 7cm x 3cm. Display readings: three semi-liquid crystal display, maximum reading low-frequency . V/M/High Frequency: uW/cm2. Level: low-frequency 5HZKHZ V/m, high-frequency: 30MHzMHz Measurement time intervals: seconds. Operation voltage: ( 6F22)9V (not included) Operation temperature: degree to +60 degree.

Highlights: Easy operations. Can detect the power of electromagnetic radiation around home electronics. Wide range of detectable frequency. Value for money, easy to carry. Designed to meet CE industrial standard. Measurement time intervals: seconds. Applications:It can measure the intensity of electromagnetic radiation for home appliances, wires and industry equipment.

Package included 1* Electromagnetic Radiation Detector 1* User manual

DT Features: Easy to use, low cost. Simple operation and fast measurement. Data locking, one-key lock of the radiation value. LCD display of the values for easier reading. Wide test band width from 5Hz ~ MHz Designed to meet CE industrial standard. Great for home, office, computer room, control room,etc. Compatible with the electric field and the magnetic field radiation measurement.

Specifications: Color: Black (Shown as the pictures) Size: (length) x 69 (width) x 31mm (thick) / x x '' Package weight: g Readings display: / 2 bit LCD display Level: electric field - V / m (volts / m); magnetic field - μT (micro Tesla) Accuracy: electric field: 1V / m; Magnetic field: μT Range: Electric field: 1V / mV / m; Magnetic field: μT to μT Alarm threshold: electric field: 40V / m; Magnetic field: μT Test bandwidth: 5HzMHz Sampling time: about seconds Sensor head: single axis (instrument top) Overload warning: LCD display "1" Operating temperature: ℃ - +60 ℃ Operating humidity: relative humidity below 80% Operating voltage: 9V Battery: built-in 9 V 6F22 battery

Application Scope: Outdoor environmental electromagnetic radiation testing: substation, high voltage lines, transformers, power distribution rooms, cables, TV signal towers, radio signal towers and other sources of measurement. Indoor environment electromagnetic radiation testing: computer, TV, copier, fax machine, air conditioning, refrigerator, audio, washing machine, wire, power supply, mobile phone, wireless router and other power sources of test analysis.

Note: Please allow mm error due to manual measurement and there will be different color as different display, please understand. Thanks.

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Download pdf manual dt-1130 electromagnetic radiation detector

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