Download skin aimp3 black red v. 1

Download skin aimp3 black red v. 1

download skin aimp3 black red v. 1

Aimp 3 skin BLACK-ONIX by braindefender Original skin is Zigar Aries. Guest. wow!! awesome work!! taking this totalfon.netou much for this. Download AIMP for Windows to immerse in the engrossing world of within the past 6 months; The current version has 0 flags on VirusTotal badge_icon Fixed: general - incompatibility with the Sonic Studio app; Fixed: skin engine /5. 70 User Votes. 5 Star. 4 Star. 3 Star. 2 Star. 1 Star. Show Reviews. v Tarik | | KB | Downloads: Tone: Dark Simple remix of standard AIMP3 skin in All-In-One mode. AIMP Red Lights v​.

Apologise, but: Download skin aimp3 black red v. 1

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Top 15 Rainmeter skins for all of you! Downloading links, installation guide, and so much more! Check out all of them!

We are not going to blame you if you are super bored with your tedious wallpapers on your desktop. But that&#;s where Windows saves you from getting drowned deep into the sea of boredom. Its customization ability is what the users love. It gives them the chance to not only changing their wallpapers regularly but also to give an entirely unique look to their respective desktops.

Many software is available on the internet which can fantastically modify the visual appearance of your Windows desktop. They also aid you in looking beyond your imagination. Rainmeter is one of them.

Rainmeter is one of the best customization software for Windows. It&#;s a type of free and open-source software that charges no money from you. It helps you in improving your P.C. screen by providing you with various cool-looking wallpapers. It also gives you the opportunity to create your own Rainmeter skin. Or you can just simply download and install them from the software.

The only disadvantage it has that it works only on some specific Windows platforms. What we mean is that you can operate it only on Windows 7, 8, or 10 P.C. But anyway, we are here to give you some of the best Rainmeter skins ever with their downloading links. That&#;s right! So, don&#;t wait and go through the entire article to discover some new and thrilling Rainmeter skins for your P.C.

1. Iron Man J.A.R.V.I.S. 

Die-hard fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe are going to love this skin. It excels in giving you a complete Tony Stark, aka Iron Man experience.

Many useful data like hard disk capacity, RSS feeds, date and time, temperature, and many more get displayed on your desktop. Some of the icons are shaped like Iron Man&#;s arc reactor core, which bestows you a chance to be the one and only genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist.

Download Link:

2. Aliens 

This skin is specifically designed for alien-action junkies. It is superbly blended with a black-and-grey color combo and a mean-looking alien&#;s face at the top with blue oval eyes.

It shows you many features like the internet speed (both downloading and uploading speeds), time and date, P.C. capacity, and so much more. Plus, it also has many social media icons at the bottom left corner of your desktop, which gives you easy access to all your accounts.

Download Link:

3. Hardware

With Hardware, you will receive a fantastic combination of orange and black colors with a circular fan-like structure in the middle. A digital clock is placed on top.  Several features such as documents, images, songs, and many more are present on the right side. While the left side comprises of H.O.D. drives, net speed, RAM details, and others.

Additionally, you can easily restart or turn off your P.C. by clicking on the top left corner of your desktop.

Download Link:

4. Mond

Mond is one of the most popular Rainmeter skins ever. The biggest reason for its likability is that it doesn&#;t affect our P.C.&#;s speed. You can add numerous widgets on your screen. Date and time are always mentioned in the middle, and the temperature feature lies a little right to it. You will immediately identify it as it always shows the name of the present day in a bold, stylish font.

This skin also provides you with various wallpapers so that you can regularly modify your screen.

Download Link:

5. Age

Imagine a Rainmeter skin coming up with some amazing motivational and inspirational quotes to boost up your confidence&#; Sounds really awesome, isn&#;t it? Well, Ageo skin possesses this unique feature. Plus, a music player is also featured just beneath it!

Date, time, and day are displayed on the left side of your desktop. Other icons like camera, internet browser, messages, and so much more are mentioned at the bottom.

Download Link:


This black and white skin encompasses a bluish colored core in the center. You will feel like a Hollywood technological expert working on your important stuff.

Apart from the normal features, this skin also demonstrates several features like humidity, pressure, sunrise and sunset time, upcoming weather report, CPU usage, storage capacity, etc.

Download Link:

7. Neon Space 

There is only one word that perfectly describes the Neon Space skin, and that is mesmerizing. It gives an amazing experience with the help of its animated modules and neon blue-colored theme. You will definitely feel like you are using some kind of futuristic technology.

It contains the image of an alien spaceship at the center and other features like date and time, RAM usage, CPU storage, calendar, weather forecast, social media icons, and many more.

Download Link:

8. Enigma

Welcome to one of the best Rainmeter default skins of all time, Enigma. It&#;s stunning design and sub-modules are just mind-blowing. Want to know about the best part? You can arrange any sub-module according to your choice.

Besides, Enigma is one of those rare Rainmeter skins which offers you loads of features apart from all the basic features. Calendar, speaker volume, CPU and RAM usage, media player, notes, google news, and so many more features are given to you.

Download Link:

9. Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D. OS

Marvel junkies know that Nick Fury was the main reason behind the formation of Earth&#;s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers. However, it&#;s impossible to bring The Avengers into the real world, but you can definitely get a Nick Fury experience by using this Rainmeter skin on your P.C.

A golden-colored SHIELD logo lies in the middle of this skin. It offers you to step into the world of a SHIELD agent and work on the Helicarrier module. Media Player, Battery Usage, World time, CPU storage, and many other icons will be displayed on your desktop.

Download Link:


It sounds a bit odd, right? But trust us, this skin is one of the best Rainmeter skins you can come across. This retro newspaper looking skin shows you every little detail of your P.C. like total memory, free memory, last reboot and shutdown time, sleep time and waketime, battery health, weather details, etc.

A cup of coffee and a stopwatch are placed on the left side, and some vintage-looking photos of beautiful women reside on the right side of your skin. These extra accessories are helpful in giving you the proper retro vibe.

Download Link:

Senja Suite

The blend of black and red colors always looks nice and classy. Senja Suite skin carries this spectacular combination. Although it looks quite simple in comparison to its other competitors. Yet, it has the ability to catch your attention and steal your heart.

Many widgets like a digital clock, date and time, Spotify, A.I.M.P. player, search option, account info, sliding pictures, and various other widgets are provided to you in this skin.

Download Link:


We find the Wisp skin pretty unique and unconventional. It is far from those skins comprising of dull-looking widgets. A neon green-colored wave can be seen passing through various widgets. If you&#;re looking for something dark and stylish, then Wisp is just the right Rainmeter skin for you.

Disk partitions, weather details, CPU and RAM usage, network bandwidth consumption, and many more features are embedded in it.

Download Link:

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has always managed to entertain and shock us at the same time (don&#;t get us started on the eighth season, please!). Anyway, this skin is a perfect item to decorate your desktop and give a GOT-like feel to it.

The black and white combo looks absolutely amazing here. The GOT-styled font is one of the most striking qualities of this skin. Multiple features like system&#;s date and time, download and upload speed, P.C. storage, easy social media access, and some other basic features are presented to you in this skin.

Download Link:


The Caped Crusader&#;s Rainmeter skin is all we wanted! This skin has the Dark Knight himself standing in the middle in one of his iconic poses. As usual, the bats can be seen flying near him.

A bat-shaped clock is located on the top of your desktop. Network traffic details, weather info, CPU and RAM usage, and other important icons are displayed in this skin. And of course, a silver-colored Batman logo is ready to welcome you every time you open your P.C.

Download Link:

Battlefield 3

This skin always takes my breath away! Various elements are taken directly from the Battlefield 3 game as an inspiration and to enhance the magnificence of your desktop. Giant-sized tanks and a soldier walking in the middle of the screen gives you a unique experience of the game. You can customize and re-arrange your desired items.

Several widgets like calendar, date and time, temperature and humidity details, storage capacity, RAM details, and many more are provided to you. It also allows you to create shortcuts for your favorite games.

Download Link:

What about the safety of the Rainmeter skin?

They are completely safe. If you are thinking about malware threats and privacy concerns, then you don&#;t have to worry about them at all. It was only designed to customize and personalize your P.C.

How can we install the Rainmeter Skins? 

Step 1: First, you have to download the software from the link given below.

Step 2: Now, install it by double-clicking it.

Step 3:Wait for some time, and after that, it&#;s ready to use.

Step 4: However, if the skin doesn&#;t appear with the wallpaper, then download the wallpaper and make it your Desktop Background wallpaper.

Step 5: You can also download a ZIP or R.A.R. file for this software. But you have to unzip it in order to install it via WinZip or any other unzipping software.

Downloading link for Rainmeter:


The time has come to revolutionize your desktop visual appearance by the use of Rainmeter skins. It&#;s a perfect software for giving a completely fresh look to your P.C. It&#;s the best platform for customizing your desktop. So, don&#;t wait and download the Rainmeter skins right now!

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download skin aimp3 black red v. 1

Download skin aimp3 black red v. 1

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