Impact 1.8.9 minecraft download

Impact 1.8.9 minecraft download

impact 1.8.9 minecraft download

The Impact Client is a hacked client for Minecraft with lots of features like aimbot, Xray, wallhack How to install Impact Hacked Client (click). Downloads. Impact supports Minecraft , , , , , , and Impact does NOT support cracked/non-premium launchers. you get the best experience. If you don't want cookies, please turn them off in your browser settings. Learn more. Got it! Wurst Client · Download · Tutorials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can see questions that are frequently asked about the client, or frequent issues that users may come across. While we try to maintain this page as much as possible, our Discord will always have the latest information available.

To help you find information easier, this page is divided into multiple categories.

If you could not find your issue here, or you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Either join our Discord, or write us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Common Issues[edit | edit source]

⚠️ Disclaimer! Aristois only supports the official Minecraft launcher. If you do not use this launcher and experience issues, we cannot help you!⚠️

Installation Issues[edit | edit source]

«&#;Aristois won't show up in the launcher's releases&#;»[edit | edit source]

First, make sure that your launcher was closed when moving the files. If it was open, restart the launcher and re-check.

Aristois only comes with is a .json file. There is no .jar file, and it is not an issue that it is not there. Your version folder should be named . If it is named , open it. Inside you will see another folder called . Drag this folder into versions. The directory to your .json file should be .

Sometimes in the releases, the numbers will be out of order. Make sure that you scroll all the way up and down and check closely.

«&#;Aristois is only loading vanilla Minecraft&#;»[edit | edit source]

Note: We do not support unofficial/cracked launchers and we cannot help people who have this issue on unofficial/cracked launchers.

If you are on the official launcher, try the following steps to fix this issue:

1. Navigate to your folder.

2. Open the folder.

3. Delete the , , and folder.

4. Restart Minecraft and the Minecraft launcher and re-try.

«&#;Aristois is crashing on startup / Aristois is crashing while in-game&#;»[edit | edit source]

If you are experiencing crashing while trying to use Aristois, you will need to locate your crash log.

Right after the crash happens, go to and scroll down to the bottom. You will see a file called . After you locate your , please send this file to staff via Discord or via the Forums.

«&#;Error with the installer / Installer won't open&#;»[edit | edit source]

If you are experiencing a written error when opening the Installer, first make sure that you are using the latest Installer available here. If it won't open at all, try the alternative download. Make sure you have a Java runtime environment to run the installer with.

Performance Issues[edit | edit source]

«&#;FPS&#;»[edit | edit source]

If you are having issues with FPS, first determine if your PC could be part of the issue. If your PC is struggling to run vanilla Minecraft, it may struggle to run Aristois. If you are certain your PC is not the issue, some of the following things may help:

Install OptiFine to Aristois: This may boost FPS in versions where OptiFine is available

Test mods: Some mods may affect FPS more than other mods do. Try to disable things like ESP, BlockESP, HUD, etc.

Render Distance: Lowering your render distance will allow the game to run quicker as it has to render less at a time.

Video Settings: Play around with your video settings, change things from fancy to fast.

Reset your config file: In some cases, the config can become corrupted, and deleting it can fix the lag issue. See below in this channel how to delete the file.

Contact Staff: If you are concerned about the amount of FPS, contact the developers with explanation of your issue. They may be able to further help you boost your FPS.

«&#;CPU&#;»[edit | edit source]

If you are having CPU issues with Minecraft, first assess and compare how much CPU regular Minecraft uses opposed to Aristois. If you're sure something is wrong, some of the following options may help improve your CPU usage:

Install OptiFine: OptiFine is designed to enhance many performance settings for Minecraft. Some of these settings help with loading times, which may raise CPU usage normally.

Allocate more RAM to Minecraft: If possible, allocating more RAM to Minecraft will help if your game is becoming slowed down from peaking at your current limit.

Play with the Aristois modules: Some mods may cause higher usage than others, such as BlockESP or XRay. Disable some mods and see if it helps.

Wait for Aristois Updates: Sometimes these high spikes can be our fault. If they are, we will make aware of it and we will work to fix it fast. In this case waiting for the issue to be fixed is best.

Contact Staff: If you're still uncertain or concerned about the CPU usage of Aristois, please contact the developers and we will be able to answer any questions and try to improve performance.

Addon Issues[edit | edit source]

«&#;Issues with OptiFine while starting the game&#;»[edit | edit source]

If you get an error while trying to load the game, you will need to delete OptiFine from Aristois. (and reinstall if you want)

1. Close Minecraft and the Minecraft launcher.

2. Open your folder.

3. Navigate to and delete

4. Navigate to and delete

5. Restart the game.

(6. Reinstall from the Addon Marketplace) *optional

«&#;Crashing after installing an Addon/Fabric mod&#;»[edit | edit source]

If you are experiencing crashing directly after installing an Addon mod from our Addon Marketplace, you will need to uninstall it. This crashing issue is most likely caused by an unsupported version, or the mod did not completely install. If you know which addon is causing the mod, you can do the following steps to fix it:

1. Close the launcher and navigate to your folder.

2. Go to the Aristois addons folder ()

3. Delete the .jar file of the mod that you think/know is causing the problem.

4. Go to and also delete the .jar file here (if it has one)

5. Re-open the launcher and re-try.

«&#;Addon mod isn't installing&#;»[edit | edit source]

Before continuing, press "Details" in the Addon Marketplace on the mod that isn't working. Ensure that the current Minecraft version that you are on is supported on the Addon mod. If the version is supported, but when you press "Install", it infinitely says installing, please contact staff.

If the Addon says that it is successfully installed, you must restart the game before the Addon can be used. Make sure the launcher and any logs are also closed.

OptiFine Issues[edit | edit source]

«&#;Screen is black (with a white ring around it)&#;»[edit | edit source]

To fix this, you must reset your video settings, or disable anti-aliasing. Press ESC, then Options. Then go to Video Settings, and then Other. The reset option is at the bottom.

«&#;ESP is solid white&#;»[edit | edit source]

Disable Fast Render to fix this. It is in Options > Video Settings > Performance

«&#;ESP, Tracers, BetterNameTags etc. are not working&#;»[edit | edit source]

Render mods not working correctly can be caused by OptiFine shader settings. Go to Options > Video Settings > Shaders and set Shaders to "Off". Internal shaders will also affect these mods.

Other Issues[edit | edit source]

«&#;Fullbright is stuck on&#;»[edit | edit source]

To fix this, move your Minecraft brightness slider around. After you move it, restart the game. This should fix the issue.

«&#;XRay isn't working / XRay shows random ore everywhere&#;»[edit | edit source]

This is not an Aristois bug, but an anti-xray plugin on the server that you play on. Unfortunately there is no way to bypass these plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Installation Questions[edit | edit source]

«&#;Is Aristois available for&#;»[edit | edit source]

Forge:Forge is currently available for - and for It is installed via the installer. Select forge as your modloader. Forge is not included with Aristois

Forge Modpacks:Aristois can be added to modpacks that are the same version as mentioned above. Follow the steps above to install to forge, then move the file from /mods/ to your modpack's /mods/ folder. We are not responsible:Aristois is available for the MultiMC launcher in every supported version. It is also installed via the installer. Select multimc as your launcher, and fabric as your modloader.

Rift:Rift is available for x versions of Aristois. It's installed with the installer. Select rift as your modloader.

«&#;Is it safe to download & install?&#;»[edit | edit source]

Aristois is % safe to download and install to your PC. Although Aristois itself is closed source, many aspects including the framework, addon marketplace, and installers are open source. If you have more questions about this topic please do not hesitate to contact us via email. But you can get banned on servers or get kickt vor sending too many packets (Crits hack).

«&#;How do I install it?&#;»[edit | edit source]

We have many tutorials available that show the various methods of installing Aristois.

How to use Aristois[edit | edit source]

• The default key to open the GUI is Right Shift. You can change this with .setbind gui. Right clicking the tabs in the GUI opens them.

• The tabgui(menu in top left corner) is controlled with the arrow keys.

• Typing .help in-game gives you a list of commands to use.

• You can always ask questions about how to use the mod in the IRC.

The IRC[edit | edit source]

«&#;What is it?&#;»[edit | edit source]

The IRC is a global, independent chat that connects all Aristois users together. It cannot be seen by server logs or personal logs.

«&#;How do I talk in it?&#;»[edit | edit source]

Before typing in the IRC, you must agree to the IRC rules. Yes, there are rules. If you do not follow them, you can risk being banned permanently. Type .rules to read and agree to the IRC rules. After you do this you can type in the IRC. Put a pound sign (#) before your message to send it to the IRC. (Example: # Hi!)

«&#;What does it stand for?&#;»[edit | edit source]

An IRC is an Internet Relay Chat.

«&#;Can I DM people in it?&#;»[edit | edit source]

Yes. Use #>>Username to DM someone. (Example: #>>Dyi^^^^^ Hello)

«&#;Can I turn it off?&#;»[edit | edit source]

Yes. Type .t irc-mute in chat to disable it. Or you can open the gui and then click "IRC-Mute" under "Other".

«&#;Why is my name cut off?&#;»[edit | edit source]

This is to protect your identity. It is possible that server admins are in the IRC trying to ban users. If you would like to further enhance this protection, your username will stay the same when you switch to an alt. This way nobody will be able to guess your username at all.

Donors[edit | edit source]

«&#;What are the perks of donating?&#;»[edit | edit source]

The full list of donor features is available on our website.

«&#;How do I download the donor client?&#;»[edit | edit source]

To get the donor version, you must log in to our website. After logging in, go to the download page ( and click "Donor Version". After receiving the donor client, install as normal.

«&#;How can I get my Discord role?&#;»[edit | edit source]

Join or type in-game to get a new auth code. After getting the code, DM Aristois# with the command !donor + your code. (Example: !donor )

«&#;Is it a monthly or one-time payment?&#;»[edit | edit source]

The donation amount of €8 is a one-time payment that gets you access to all past and future donor features.

«&#;How do I set my donor prefix/cape?&#;»[edit | edit source]

You must log in to the website to set your prefix and cape. See above how to log in.

Addon Questions[edit | edit source]

«&#;What is the Addons Marketplace?&#;»[edit | edit source]

The Addons Marketplace is an in-game page that allows you to download more features to Aristois. These features are third-party mods developed by external developers. Many available mods are very popular, such as OptiFine, and others are made by small developers specifically for Aristois. They are all free to install to your game.

«&#;Where do I install addons?&#;»[edit | edit source]

To locate the addons marketplace, either press "Options" from the Aristois main menu, or join a server and press Esc > Addons.

«&#;Can I make an addon?&#;»[edit | edit source]

Sure! Anyone is welcome to create an addon, but it may be up to developers if it can be officially released. You can use EMC to create such a mod. When ready, contact the developers via Discord, or feel free to leave us a message via email. Include the link to your addon.

Other Questions[edit | edit source]

«&#;How do I add blocks to ESP/XRay etc&#;»[edit | edit source]

You must add blocks by their block IDs. Visit this website for a list of IDs. You cannot put "minecraft:" before the ID, or it will not work. Do not use capital letters either.

(Examples: diamond_ore&#;; iron_ore&#;; oak_log)

«&#;Can I save my settings to other Aristois versions?&#;»[edit | edit source]

To move settings to a new version, copy over the config. Go to and then . Copy over from the selected version and move it to the new version. (Example: EMC//configs/ > EMC//configs) If you get a crash after moving the config, then unfortunately you cannot save settings between the two versions as there is confliction.

«&#;Where is X mod?&#;»[edit | edit source]

If you can't find the mod you want to use, remember that you can scroll in the tabs. You can also try using the search bar. Note that some mods may have different names. If you still can't find the mod you want, feel free to ask in the Discord or suggest it as a new mod.

«&#;How do I reset my Aristois settings?&#;»[edit | edit source]

Close the game and navigate to your folder. Then go to . Delete and then restart the game.

«&#;How do I rescale my GUI?&#;»[edit | edit source]

You can change the gui scale with . To return it to the default size, use .

«&#;How can I completely uninstall/reinstall Aristois?&#;»[edit | edit source]

To completely remove Aristois, do the following steps. These steps can also be followed for a fresh reinstallation.

1. Close Minecraft and the launcher.

2. Navigate to your folder.

3. Delete from the Minecraft folder.

4. Open the folder and delete your Aristois version folder.

5. Go into the folder and delete , , and .

After this, Aristois is completely uninstalled. You can then reinstall if you wish.

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impact 1.8.9 minecraft download

Impact 1.8.9 minecraft download

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