Upload file without smartscreen reacting to download

Upload file without smartscreen reacting to download

upload file without smartscreen reacting to download

Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the Stop and Quarantine File; Add Indicator; Download file; Consult a. Add an exclusion for the download folder: Go to Windows Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection; Under Virus & threat. This is the second part of the blog post on the Microsoft Edge full-chain Messages that are supposed to be created as a reaction to a user SmartScreen and allows running the downloaded file without any restrictions.

Upload file without smartscreen reacting to download - suggest

How can I make SmartScreen Filter trust a self-signed certificate

Microsoft's SmartScreen Filter under Windows 8 is a small developer's worst nightmare.

While I realize the benefits to end users and the effectiveness at stopping malicious programs from installing themselves on end users' computers, I and many other developers would rather not pay the fees for annual renewal of a Code Signing Certificate or, even worse, an EV Code Signing Certificate. Also, when products developed for use in-house are signed with a trusted certificate from an internal CA, stored in the Trusted Publishers store, they still fall prey to the filter's overzealous behavior.

Developers and Administrators used to be able to disable the warnings and prompts by installing a publisher's Code Signing Certificate in the Trusted Publishers store. Creative developers could install their self-signed Code Signing Certificate there when they install a pre-requisite signed and timestamped with a paid-for Authenticode Code Signing Certificate. After that, programs signed by the publisher would be trusted and would not trip the SmartScreen Filter alarms. Essentially, once trusted, a publisher was free from the recurring fees.

The recent changes to the SmartScreen Filter (and its inclusion as an OS "feature" in Windows 8) make it clear Microsoft wants you to buy a code signing certificate instead of creatively working around the problem they've created for you. Has anyone discovered a new method to trust publishers who use their self-signed Code Signing Certificates by default (i.e., not showing the prompts)? Short of turning off the filter completely, what can end users do to let the SmartScreen Filter know to always trust a Self-Signed certificate?

Please note that purchasing a Code Signing Certificate is not an answer to this question. I'm looking for a way to tell SmartScreen Filter to trust a publisher that does not purchase certificates from an outside source, but instead issues their own for use inside their organization.

UPDATE: I think I might have found a workaround! From MSDN, SmartScreen Filter can be disabled on Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 for sites listed as Trusted Sites. If someone could verify that this method works for setup programs downloaded and run from a Trusted Site in Windows 8, that would be greatly appreciated and would help a lot of ISV's and in-house development teams. It would also be the workaround needed to answer this question. Trusted Sites can be configured by group policy, so it would be simple from there.

Programmatically, turning off SmartScreen Filter for the Trusted Sites Zone can be achieved by setting either HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\2! for the machine or HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\2! for the user to 0, and adding the site to be trusted to the Trusted Sites Zone can be done as shown in this question.

Could someone please verify that my proposed workaround functions on Windows 8 for an unsigned or self-signed executable downloaded from a Trusted Site? I'm not using Windows 8 myself, having spent my OS upgrade budget on certificate fees.

Источник: [totalfon.net]
upload file without smartscreen reacting to download

Upload file without smartscreen reacting to download

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