How to delete netflix downloads on pc

How to delete netflix downloads on pc

how to delete netflix downloads on pc

In the Downloads menu, a list of the movies or TV shows you have downloaded will appear. Here, you can select and 'delete' the files you wish to. Note: enter your own user name in the string to access the Netflix folder. Once there, select the files you want to remove (press and hold Ctrl and. Netflix lets you download some of its shows to your device so you can keep However, you can only download shows on up to four devices. How to Disable the Welcome Experience After Windows 10 Updates; › How to. how to delete netflix downloads on pc

How to Delete Downloaded Netflix Offline Content in Windows 10

The Netflix app in Windows 10 allows you to download movies and videos for offline viewing. Depending on the resolution and number of movies and TV shows you download, the app can fill up the hard drive space pretty quickly. Not to mention, the space you are filling up is the C drive. i.e, system drive. In those situations, it is better to delete all or specific Netflix downloaded content to free up some space. In case you are wondering, follow the below steps to delete downloaded Netflix content in Windows

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Delete a Specific Netflix Movie or Video

More often than not, you might just want to delete a specific Netflix movie. This is especially true when you have content that is yet to be watched. If that's your case, follow the below steps to delete a specific movie from Netflix download catalog.

1. Open the start menu, search for Netflix app and open it.

2. Once the Netflix app has been opened, you will see a menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top left corner, click on it. Now, click on the My Downloads option.

3. In this page, you will see all the Netflix downloads. The good thing is, Netflix shows all the downloaded offline content individually. To delete a movie, click on the Edit icon (pen) and you will see the checkboxes.

4. Select the checkboxes of movies you want to delete and then click on the Delete icon appearing on the top right corner.

5. As soon as you click on the Delete icon, the download(s) will be deleted instantly.

Delete All Downloaded Netflix Content

If the Netflix downloads are occupying a lot of space and you've watched all the content, you can delete all the Netflix content in one go. This pretty helpful for bulk deleting.

1. Search for Netflix app in the start menu and open it.

2. In the app, click on the Menu icon appearing on the top-right corner and then select the Settings option.

3. The above action will open the Netflix settings page. Here, you will see how much space Netflix is using for all the downloads under the Downloads section. To delete all downloaded Netflix content, click on the Delete All Downloads option.

As soon as you click on the option, Netflix will delete all the offline content and free up space.

(Alternative Method) Use File Explorer to Delete All Downloaded Netflix Content

There is also an alternative way, using the File Explorer, to delete all the Netflix downloaded content. Recently, I've shown where Netflix stores all the downloaded content. All you have to delete all the files in that location and you are done. Let me show you how.

1. Open the file explorer by clicking on the taskbar icon or by pressing the keyboard shortcut + .

2. In the file explorer, go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\totalfon.netx_mcm4njqhnhss8\LocalState\offlineInfo\downloads location. Don't forget to replace Username with the actual username.

3. This is where Netflix stores all the downloaded content. simply select all the files in the folder and press the Delete key on your keyboard. This action will delete all the Netflix downloads. If you are prompted for the admin privileges, press the Continue button.

4. Once the files are deleted, you are done. Close the file explorer.

That is all.

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How to delete netflix downloads on pc

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